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Where’s the Maltings?


The Maltings is the main cultural centre of the Surrey town of Farnham and the lunchtime jazz concerts are held in the Barley Room.

When you enter the main entrance, go upstairs, turn left, and you will see the Barley Room. Alternatively you can take the glass lift which will accommodate a wheelchair.

Barley Room
Farnham Maltings
Bridge Square

Telephone 01252 745444 for any enquiries.



The Maltings car park
There is a huge car park at the Maltings.   It costs £1.30 for one hour or £1.40 for two hours.   Cash only.   The postcode is GU9 7QR.

Waggon Yard car park
This is at the lower end of Downing Street, then walk across the little wooden bridge to the Maltings.   It costs 70p for one hour or £1.40 for two hours. Cash or Ringo (code 16238). The postcode is GU9 7PS.

We look forward very much to seeing you at one of our concerts soon !