Dates and guests

Your new Lunchtime PIANO BAR Jazz in the heart of Farnham, Surrey awaits the pleasure of your company.   Send your email address (contact page) and receive our monthly NEWSLETTER of events.


We have had singer KRISTA WELLS, pianist MATTHEW CLEMENTS (Esmond’s son), trombonist EDWIN BAKER , singer SUZANNE BOURNER, CLIVE PITNEY (saxes), and JOHN WRIGHT (sax), as guests since we launched the PIANO BAR, and there will be others from time to time.  Watch this page !   


  • 2017

  • 6 June     The Trio
  • 4 July      Krista Wells (vocals)
  • 1 Aug      Matthew Clements (piano)
  • 5 Sept     Edwin Baker (trombone)
  • 3 Oct       Suzanne Bourner  (vocals)
  • 7 Nov      Clive Pitney (saxes and clarinet)
  • 5 Dec       The Trio
  • 2018

  • 2 Jan        Suzanne Bourner  (vocals)
  • 6 Feb        The Trio
  • 6 Mar       John Wright  (tenor sax)
  • 3 April     The Trio
  • 1 May       The Trio
  • 5 June      John Wright (tenor sax)
  • 3 July       Edwin Baker and Frances Jones (trombones)
  • 7 Aug       Alex Forsyth (saxes & flute)
  • 4 Sept      Krista Wells (vocals)
  • 2 Oct        The Trio
  • 13 Nov     Terry Ede (saxes, clarinet and flute)
  • 4 Dec        Shella Blake (vocals)
  • 2019

  • 8 Jan        The Trio
  • 5 Feb        The Trio
  • 5 Mar       Edwin Baker (trombone)
  • 2 April     Jane McEvoy (vocals)
  • 7 May      The Trio
  • 4 June      Edwin Baker and Frances Jones (trombones)
  • 2 July       Alex Forsyth ( saxes and flute ) and Dominic Hall (drums)
  • 6 Aug       Alex Forsyth ( saxes and flute ) and Dominic Hall (drums

                            ESMOND and MARIANNE DUO

  • 3 Sept       Maltings :      Esmond and Jane McEvoy (vocals)
  • 1 Oct         Maltings :      Duo plus Alex Forsyth (saxes and flute)
  • 5 Nov        Maltings :      Duo plus Alex Forsyth (saxes and flute)
  • 3 Dec         Maltings :      Duo plus James Wood (drums)
  • 2020

  •  7 Jan         Maltings:      Duo plus Ted Hayes (drums)


We play from 1pm to 2pm and we’d love you to join us for a little bit of excitement.

Lunch or Coffee ? 

Why not lunch before the jazz at the Maltings ?  The Riverside Cafe has an excellent menu, or you are very welcome to bring your coffee and they will provide an insulated container for you.


Entrance is £8.00 on the door.

Thanks for your support – we are looking forward to welcoming you to a unique lunchtime PIANO BAR jazz concert.   It’s lovely to see familiar faces as well as the new ones!   Everyone is welcome.   Don’t worry if you arrive late or have to leave early.  We understand.