New Piano Bar comes to town

Calling all sophisticated music lovers!

May 2017 sees the arrival of another welcome musical creation in central Farnham.

Inspired by Sandra’s Ivy Room Jazz where superlative guest stars from around the country flock, pianist Esmond Clements has launched his own monthly evenings of gentle jazz.

He’s a sensual and somewhat seasoned pianist who has played in the UK and France in more venues and for more decades than he cares to admit.

The Esmond Clements Trio has been sumptuously revived. He has selected Marianne Windham (yes, she who admirably organises Guildford Jazz to accompany him on double bass, and Gerry Reid on acoustic guitar. Vocalist Suzanne Bourner will be a regular addition to the Trio.

We can’t work it out whether it’s the small white grand piano that enhances Esmond’s playing or whether it’s Esmond’s playing that enhances the small white grand piano. Come along and make up your own minds.